Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Daily Scope

this is my take on the Horoscope

Turning around fast will not be a good thing today.

Have a milkshake you deserve it.

Be happy and more patient driving today it will pay off big!

Baseball Today 6/28

Who will win and who will lose my predictions...
OAK at CLE...PIT at FLA...TEX at DET...TOR at MIN...LAD at ARZ...

CIN at PHI...STL at NYM...NYY at BAL...COL at HOU

upset pick: CHW at TB

Record : 23 - 13
upset Pick record: 1 - 1 (yesterday upset pick was ppd: TEX at DET to be played sept. 11)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fantasy Baseball Minute

Congrats to all who took the plunge and took Richie Sexton (SEA). If you have him on the bench make him a starter today. He has finally started getting hot and should stay this way throughout The Mariners home stand.
If you can get a hold of Roger Clemens (NYY) do it. he pitched well and will only get better down the stretch. Get him now before it is too late!

Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) needs to be sat down this week and in this series with the Red Sox. He has bad numbers against them this season and the return of D. Matsuzaka is bad news for the Mariners leader.

The Tuesday Top Ten

The Top ten Sunday Comic Strips

  1. Garfield
  2. Peanuts
  3. Get Fuzzy
  4. Foxtrot
  5. Dilbert
  6. Pearls before Swine
  7. Cathy
  8. Marmaduke
  9. The Born Loser
  10. Beetle Baily

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dollar Sign The Duck

This is the BLOG of all BLOGS. I live in a little area(called a town...) called Olalla. In Kitsap County Washington. I am a huge Seattle Seahawks and Mariners fan. I hate the Yankees and the Denver Broncos.This is a collection of what I thought was dumb and or interesting. Although I do believe strongly on my scope(the daily scope)!
Every day I do my Baseball predictions and The Daily Scope. If you think I am bias with my predictions on my teams games then you are most likely correct. But the predictions of all the other games are pure GOLD. Once a week I post dumb little statements called Dollar Sign the Duck's Words of Wisdom and although they are stupid all are correct. The Daily Scope is horoscopes which i do not believe in and made them truthful. All of the scope refers to every person regardless of goats or water carriers.

Enjoy and GO M's!

Griffey Come Home

I like all other Seattle Mariner fans want Ken Griffey Jr. To come home for good as a Seattle Mariner. The Reds fans dont like him anyway. Griffey did much better in Seattle and judging on what happened over the weekend we want him back!

Dollar Sign the Duck's Words of Wisdom

This is where I say dumb things...

Remotes are called Clickers

Three blinking mice

Lefty losey righty tighty

I am left Handed

Dollar sign the Duck knows all(kinda)

(More next Monday!)